Intranet File Sharing

File Sharing/Uploading Guide


  • Log in to with your account info (image 1).
  • Navigate to the ‘> Files’ page from the navigation menu (image 2).
  • If it asks you to log in again, please do so. It is a safety measure to ensure you have access to sensitive information.
  • After navigating to the ‘Files’ page, you will be given a display that looks like (image 3)

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

The Icons (along the top)

  1. The home icon – far left (image 4)
    • This button will bring you back to the file directory (refer to image 3)
    • The list of files on the site will be displayed in list format.
  2. The Set of 6 Buttons – far right (image 5)
    • These buttons are based on privileges – only displayed to some users.
    • In Order: Upload file, Upload archive, Create Folder, Shared with me, Default Permissions, Options
    • If you do not see them, do not worry.
  4. Once selected, these options will be displayed (image 6)
    • Once again these might be dependent on the permissions your type of user has
    • Rename, Delete, Share, Download, Copy, Permissions
  5. An alternative way of sharing files (image 7)
    • NOTE: these options are not along the top but rather in the right-most column of each file’s row
    • This sharing button has the same icon and displays the same menu as the one in image 6

Image 4

Image 5

Image 6

Image 6